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Tips for buying a watch

Watches are stylish and functional accessories suitable for men and women of all ages, as well as for children. They come in a wide range of designs and shapes, so you have to do your research to find a timepiece that suits your personal style. The sheer number of watches available at DX Fair Mall can make it difficult to choose the perfect one, but by paying attention to some essential factors, you can be sure your pick is right. With Every Day Low Prices, you can treat yourself or someone you love to a lovely watch no matter the occasion.

Watch styles

Both men s and women s watches come in various styles; some are suitable for sports activities, whereas others make great accessories for a business outfit. When shopping for a new timepiece, begin by considering how you intend to use your watch.

Sport watches: These watches have a chunkier, rugged style and are built to resist a high level of strain. they're often water-resistant and may have extra functions such as heart monitors, pedometers or stopwatches for measuring lap times.

Dress watches: Dress watches are elegant and modest, often featuring an analog dial and a smart case in gold plating or stainless steel. These timepieces offer a classic look and are often investment pieces that you can wear for years to come.

Fashion watches: Mixing function with style, fashion watches use various materials and colors to create timepieces that you can easily coordinate with different outfits. Opt for an innovative dial shape or a vibrant color for an accessory that can make you stand out from the crowd.

Children s watches: Designed specifically for little wrists, children s watches are often colorful and perfect to help your little one with learning to tell the time. they're also sturdy enough to withstand all kinds of everyday knocks.


All watches have a mechanism inside that keeps the time, and this is called a movement. Even though the main function of the mechanism is to tell the time, you can also find watches with extra features such as showing the date or day of the week. Some models even track the phases of the moon or come with an alarm function. The main types of watch movements are:

Mechanical: Employing a classic type of movement, mechanical movement watches have a spring inside that's wound up and release the stored energy gradually to move a wheel every second. These watches need regular winding to keep going.

Battery/Quartz: The most popular movement type for modern watches, battery movement uses a combination of battery and quartz crystal to keep the watch going. These watches are extremely accurate and only require you to change the battery every couple of years.

Automatic: Also known as self-winding watches, automatic models are similar to hand-wound watches, with the difference consisting in the fact that the watch winds itself up whenever it moves, so if you wear it every day, it will keep itself wound up.

Solar-powered: The main advantage of owning a solar-powered watch is that you never have to replace the battery. These watches use a photovoltaic cell that converts light into electricity.

Dials and faces

Watch dials come in numerous shapes, and the hour display is also different from one model to another. Round dials are quite common, but you can also choose a watch with an oval or rectangular dial. Hours are generally denoted by Arabic numerals, but you may also opt for Roman numerals, or simply for watches that only have lines to indicate hours for a contemporary look. Watches with sub-dials for a stopwatch or for displaying the date or day of the week are also available.


The most common types of straps to choose for your timepiece include leather straps, metal bracelets and fabric straps. Each of these may have decorations or printed effects or may come in a simple, monochromatic design. Leather straps are classic and easy to adjust, whereas metal bracelets are generally found on dress watches.

Water resistance

Water resistance is measured in water pressure, and most manufacturers list the scale of water resistance in ATMs (atmospheres). As a rule of thumb, 10 meters is equivalent to 1 ATM of pressure; if a watch indicates a 5ATM water resistance, it can be fully submerged into water up to 50 meters.