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Bed Risers

Looking to take your bed up a notch? A set of bed risers can do the trick. Available in an assortment of materials and sizes, bed risers are supports that can elevate a bed by lifting the legs. They're generally about three to eight inches tall and can be stacked to reach a desired height. At DX Fair Mall, you can find an assortment of bed risers at everyday low prices.

Why should I use bed risers?

Bed risers can be used for a variety of reasons. They can lift up a bed, making it easier to get into or out of your bed if you're tall. They can also create additional space under your bed, perfect for storing shoes, out-of-season clothes, or extra blankets and linens. Want to incline your bed? Just put some risers underneath the legs of the headboard or footboard. Bed risers are available in different heights, so you can choose which one is right for you.

How do I know which ones to buy?

When deciding which ones to buy, first think about what material you'd like. Bed risers are generally made from wood or heavy-duty plastic. Wood bed risers are the most durable, but heavy-duty plastic is both sturdy and affordable. Next, find out the dimensions or diameter of the posts of your bed. Most bed risers have a well where the posts sit, but some have to be screwed onto the legs. You'll also want to think about height. Since bed risers come in different sizes, you can choose how much higher you'd like your bed to be. You'll also want to pay attention to how many come in a set. If you have a small bed, four may be enough. If your bed is larger or has a post in the middle, you'll probably need more. Finally, you'll want to check the weight capacity for the risers. Keep in mind that the weight capacity includes both the bed itself and the people who will be sleeping on it.