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Dinnerware Sets

I need dinnerware sets that are really durable. What do you recommend? offers dinnerware sets made from a variety of materials. Stoneware is chip-resistant, which can make it a good option, but porcelain dinnerware sets are even more durable. If you need something that can stand up to the rigors that kids put plates and bowls through, consider buying heavier plastic or tempered glass sets. Melamine is another durable option available in a wide range of colors and at an affordable price point. For a traditional look on your dinner table, ceramic sets add class and textured patterning, which is harder to find in plastic sets. Also, not all plastic dinnerware sets are microwave-safe, so if you do a lot of microwaving, you should consider a sturdier set.

What should I consider when I'm buying dinnerware sets?

Think about how many pieces you need and whether you want something formal or casual. Also, consider where you're using it; outdoor dinnerware sets should be made of extra-durable, shatter-resistant materials. Then, find a color or pattern that you like. Beige, espresso and similarly-colored sets are great for rooms with a natural decor, while floral designs are great for rustic- and retro-themed spaces. You can also go with a colorful striped pattern that's perfect for outdoor parties. Most 12- and 16-piece dinnerware sets are suited for families of four, and many sets feature trendy, modern designs with square-shaped plates and bowls.