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Keep toys and games organized with kids' storage systems

What's almost as satisfying as getting toys out and playing with them? Knowing that, just as quickly, they'll be organized in a snap with the room all neatened up. That's one of the biggest benefits of incorporating helpful storage accessories into your child's bedroom or playroom. With the right shelving, drawers, organizers and accessories, it's a breeze to corral everything from the smallest building blocks to the biggest stuffed animals. And, with the proper tools at their fingertips, it's easy to teach kids the lifelong skills of cleaning up and staying organized. If you're ready to get your child's play space spiffed up, here's what to think about as you shop.

Types of storage

As you begin browsing the products in this category, you'll notice that they're separated into primary storage types based on the common uses of each. Consider the functions that each type of storage solution provides to determine which can work best for your needs.

Toy organizers

Create a neatened catch-all toy-storage area with toy organizers. This product category features a number of different pieces designed to house more extensive toy collections and larger or unwieldy toys. In general, toy organizers fit into one of the types below. Each can meet different storage needs.

  • Trunks and toy boxes: For storing all those big trucks, trains and playsets, a trunk or toy box makes an excellent tool. These large, freestanding boxes are often completely open on the inside, giving you plenty of space in which to store items with odd shapes. Most have hinged lids that easily open and close. Some have cushioned lid toppers that allow them to serve as storage benches, making these a great option for storing toys in the more formal rooms of your home. Choose a trunk that has a piston hinge; this holds the lid open to prevent little fingers from accidentally getting squished by a loose lid banging down.
  • Bin organizers: Resembling shelves, bin organizers feature angled horizontal bars running across their widths that hold sliding plastic bins in place, with the bins tipped up slightly to make toys easier to access. These organizers are highly customizable, allowing you to add any bins or containers for toy storage that you can fit onto the bars. Bins make playtime easy; simply organize toys by type, designating a bin for each. When your child wants to play with a specific type of toy, such as building blocks, grab the entire bin off the rails and tote it where it needs to go. These pieces also commonly feature upper book racks where kids can store their favorite titles with the covers facing out, much like in a real library. If your child has lots of books, purchase separate standalone book racks to organize them while displaying their covers as cheerful art.
  • Cubbies and cabinets: These pieces of furniture have a series of built-in compartments where you can slide bins and other large items with their handles still exposed. They're often intended to add a little more design style to a space and come available in traditional wood finishes, so they look right at home throughout the house. To conceal toys completely in a main room of the house or keep a bedroom looking neater, you can choose a cabinet with doors that close completely. Purchase a cubby set that comes with pre-matched bins to ensure a good fit and a look you like.
  • Hanging organizers: In smaller rooms, hanging storage solutions help you make the most of your floor, ceiling and wall space. These organizers typically resemble hanging shoe organizers, but the pouches are bigger to hold larger stuffed animals and action figures. You can mount these directly to the wall or hang them from the back of a door to save space and eliminate the need for larger pieces of standalone furniture. Fabric toy hammocks are also ideal storage tools intended for keeping stuffed animals up off the floor. Mount both ends of the hammock spanning a corner or above your child's bed to make toy cleanup easy and keep favorite stuffed friends close at hand.


Bookcases are ideal for storing everything from books, favorite toys and collectibles to clothing that your child wants to be able to access easily. Bookshelves for kids resemble those you likely already have in your home, but they come in kid-friendly sizes that don't reach too high up the wall — usually about 24 to 36 inches. This is to prevent accidental tipping, and you can also purchase safety brackets that secure heavier shelves to the wall so they don't move. Anything you can fit on bookshelves can be stored there, including fabric bins or smaller plastic bins. The primary difference between bookshelves and toy organizer cabinets is their depth. Many bookshelves are only about 10 to 12 inches deep, whereas cabinets may be 16 inches deep or larger. So, cabinets are typically still better options for storing larger baskets. Bookshelves are an ideal space-saving choice with a slimmer profile.