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Trash Cans

Whether it's your kitchen, bathroom, bedroom or study room, it'll probably need a trash can. Trash cans are an integral part of keeping your house or workspace clean and tidy. There's a trash can for everyone's needs: some trash cans have foot pedals to open the lid while others have swing tops to quickly and easily discard trash. More technologically advanced trash cans have touchless motion sensors for hands-free usage while you're busy cooking.

If you're looking for a waste basket for your office, a simple trash can without a lid could be the most ideal option. They're typically made of plastic, stainless steel or metal. Trash cans with lids are effective in sealing in unwanted odors. They vary in sizes with larger cans typically used in kitchens and smaller wastebaskets for bathrooms, bedrooms or offices. Stainless steel or plastic, hands-free or not, the trash can you need can be found at