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Steppers and Rowers

Steppers and rowers are popular exercise machines that are excellent for burning calories, toning muscle and improving cardiovascular health.

Steppers replicate the motion of climbing a flight of stairs, while reducing the stress on your joints that comes with actual stair climbing. When selecting a stepper, you'll have a choice between a standard stair stepper and a mini stepper. stair steppers are larger than mini steppers and tend to be sturdier. Mini steppers are small and light, making them portable and easy to store. They also tend to be less expensive.

If you choose a stair stepper, you can decide between a manual model and a motorized one. Motorized steppers produce a more fluid motion than manual steppers, for a lower-impact workout.

Rowers, or rowing machines, replicate the motion of rowing a boat with your upper body while also working your lower body. One of the choices you'll have when shopping for a rower is in the type of rowing resistance. Rowers with fan resistance have a flywheel, which creates wind that increases the resistance. Those with water resistance feature a wheel in a tank of water with paddles that spin in the tank, resembling real-life rowing. Hydraulic resistance is created with hydraulic pistons in the wheel, allowing you to adjust the resistance. Rowers with magnetic resistance use magnets in their wheel to create resistance as you row.

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